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Michael Laitman, PhD

Increasing Desire

Q: So I cannot ask for whatever I want, or activate a book on Kabbalah to give me what I want? For example, if I want to be healthy, I will not be given health. Instead, if I am ill, my thoughts will tell me this is good.

A: No, not true. One can only ask for that which one really wants. A little boy wants a little toy and his father promises that if he studies well, he will buy him that toy. He studies hoping that he’ll receive that little toy. But when he completes his studies, he now wants a bicycle. So what does his father do, buys him a toy or a bicycle? One changes all the time, and receives the things that one currently desires.

But when one begins to study Kabbalah and interferes with reality, one interferes in it with his current desires. A person needs nothing more than an inner desire, a heart’s desire, to change a reality one feels is intolerable.

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