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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Time for Control

Q: What do contemporary Kabbalists influence, if there are any?

A: There are a great many Kabbalists. There are hidden Kabbalists who have no intention of becoming known, or of teaching others. They exist simply in order to balance this world, in order to perform their unique operations in it.

In order for the world to exist, people have to correct it from below upward, precisely from our world. For that reason, there are Kabbalists in each generation who perform such corrections and deal with tuning the system of the Supreme Leadership from within our world. Because the generations never stop evolving in spirituality, there are currently many people who can and should rise to take control over the leadership, instead of the few discrete Kabbalists.

Q: Are there people who have attained the end of correction?

A: Today, as in the past, there are great Kabbalists who are busy correcting the world. Their goal is to perform the instructions of the Creator on our corporeal level, and for that reason they have a body and a soul. They are known to no one, and should remain that way.

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