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Michael Laitman, PhD

Pleasure Hunt

Q: The Japanese have the Tea Ceremony, which is meticulously studied in various religious schools, and is very similar to Baal HaSulam’s story, “The Dining Table.” How do you relate to it?

A: I personally do not know the Tea Ceremony. The Creator created the desire to enjoy. A spark of Light falls into that desire and revives it. The spark also awakens in it the yearning to be filled with the entire Light, not just a small portion of it.

Therefore, all movements that the creation makes, at all its levels, starting from the still, through the vegetative, animate and speaking, beginning in atoms and the combinations of organic molecules, and ending with the movements of the body and mind, are no more than a pleasure hunt.

When we study the connections that form between the host and the guest, we can discover enormous layers of the “desire to receive” in our inner structure. Apart from this relationship, in which the creature attains the giving Creator at all levels, there is no other relationship in the universe. It is revealed in the reciprocal relation between the poles, in electric and magnetic fields, and forms the basis of every connection between components of both the corporeal and the spiritual worlds. It is also the basis for the existence of corporeal and spiritual substance.

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