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Michael Laitman, PhD

Cults and Ceremonies

Q: There are many spiritual groups in the world that practice various ceremonies that are seemingly related to Kabbalah. Do these customs have any bearing on the world?

A: They are not related to Kabbalah whatsoever. There is no point in searching for a link between Kabbalah and various teachings that use Kabbalistic symbols. That link does not exist!

It is hard to imagine how many superstitions, religions, cults, etc., there are in the world. It is amazing how many directions man—or more precisely, man’s will to receive, which is constantly searching for the reason for his condition–can invent, and in what versatile ways!

One may believe that one is closer to the truth, to the Source, and to eternity, but it is all an illusion. You see for yourself how many people go to India in order to seek enlightenment, all in order to attain some immediate psychological feeling of internal freedom.

When we truly climb to the spiritual world, we will see that only Kabbalah was given from Above, and all other customs and ceremonies are the fruits of the human mind, which serve our imagination and desire for pleasure. But it is impossible to convince anyone of that, because what Kabbalah teaches you cannot see with your eyes.

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