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Michael Laitman, PhD

Evil Eye

Q: I am in contact with a lot of people, and from the questions that they ask me, I sometimes feel that they are giving me an “evil eye.” What can you advise me?

A: In the Zohar, it is said that many physical ailments come from the evil eye. In our world, the evil eye is a bad bio-energetic influence of one person on another.

But in spirituality, the term “evil eye” speaks of man’s feelings toward the Creator, because there are only two forces: the Creator and the creature. Man sees that everything is bad, meaning we look at everything that comes to us from the Creator with an “evil eye”– because we disregard the law of creation, and His Leadership, and we get a response that we consider “bad.”

But the fact of the matter is, everything that happens to us is a correction. Its true aim is positive, although its external appearance may seem negative to us. We wish for the corrections to appear before us in a positive manner, as something good. But if we pray to feel the Providence of the Creator only as good, then it is an egoistic approach “for me.”

Instead, we should pray and ask for the correction of our attributes, so that we can feel the deeds of the Creator positively, as they were sent to us, as “good mercy.” This way, we will be corrected before there is a need for the Creator to send us an unpleasant form of correction.

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