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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: I read in a book that in 1924, Mrs. Elena Blavatsky entered the spiritual world in a body of a Romanian youth.

A: The meaning of “entrance to spirituality” is compatibility between inner attributes and desires, when the outside dressing can be anything, or nothing at all. In Kabbalah, a “body” means desires. The only way to enter the spiritual world is to acquire a screen, which endows one with compatibility with the Upper Forces. Only through that screen is it possible to be in a spiritual place, with spiritual forces, to be in equivalence of form with them, in contact with them, and to lead and bestow.

The physical body is meaningless here.

Q: I read that Mrs. Blavatsky, who dressed in the body of that Romanian youth, attained “Shambalah.” Shambalah, from the point of view of science (Ernest Moldshaft), is the gene pool of humanity. In it, there are explicit representatives of the spiritual world, including our biblical fathers.

A: Kabbalah is a science of an entirely different world, completely detached from our own. It is not tangential with our world; there are no common traits, whereas you are trying to find that contact to discover a correlation between those two worlds.

I know through my own attainment of the Upper World that there is only one-way: to climb up there and feel (“see”).

You think that there is some hole in this world, through which you can enter the spiritual world without having to change your attributes. From the perspective of Kabbalah, this is a good example of what the human imagination can make of the Upper World without the prior knowledge from Above.

You speak of people who are intellectually great, but they are great only intellectually, without any superior spiritual attainment. You must know this: spirituality is higher than our minds and our natures.

Spiritual attributes can only be given from Above, and only if they are used in a special way, conveyed thousands of years ago: the way of Kabbalah. For spiritual attainment, there must be a void in man, called “the vessel of the soul,” in which a person can feel the Creator, and only the Creator, through Kabbalistic knowledge. Try it!

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