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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: How does Kabbalah relate to the question of UFOs?

A: Regarding UFOs, Kabbalah does not speak of other life forms in other places. There is no other life – we are alone! Man would like to discover something in the universe because he needs it as support. However, besides us, there is only the Creator!

Q: I am a UFO researcher and I have found thousands of descriptions of actual facts, but nowhere is there a mention of the Creator. Why not?

A: I am trying to explain to people like you that there is something in nature around us that we need, yet cannot feel. You may have a lot of facts at your disposal, but man wants to touch! I would say that you, like me, are dealing with a mysterious science. The method of Kabbalah can make something mysterious and intangible become real and open.

A Kabbalist has contact with the Creator, and is willing to teach any person who really wants contact with the Creator. It is like dialing a telephone number: all you have to know is how to dial. Kabbalah does not disqualify anything, because the presence of another culture does not bother one who studies Kabbalah in order to discern the existence of the Creator.

I research the Upper World, not something that may exist in our universe. But the Upper World is for some reason hidden from us. When I study Kabbalah, I know that there are no creatures like us, creatures that the Creator assigned with a certain goal.

What does it matter if there is something else on earth, or on another planet, if the Creator wants to contact you, and not them?

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