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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: What is the connection between parapsychology and Kabbalah?

A: There is no connection between parapsychology and Kabbalah. All of man’s experiments with the mind do not reach beyond the borders of regular psychology. There is still more hidden than is revealed in the human body. You can refer to it as “hidden” only because it is still hidden from us.

But just as science and technology in the 19th century did not succeed in finding out much about the laws and forces of nature (they were hidden from us and then were revealed), so in the future, science will disclose many more of today’s secrets, and they will no longer be hidden.

Kabbalah is called “the wisdom of the hidden” because it will always remain hidden, except for Kabbalists. It is a science about the Upper World, which cannot be revealed by orthodox scientific methods or technical instruments, but only by attaining the attributes of the Upper World.

We feel the world through our attributes. If we had other attributes, we would have other ways of feeling. As long as we do not acquire attributes and sensors with which to feel the Upper World, we will not be able to feel it. Science and the instruments of our world only expand our sensory organs, but reveal no genuinely new qualities. Behind all the equipment and deductions we remain as we were, with the same five senses.

Therefore, there is not a single physical science that enables us to peek into the Upper World, but only to acquire further information about the expansion of the abilities of our five senses in this world.

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