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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Western Wall and Other Miracles

Q: I have a picture of the Western Wall taken from the top of the building facing it. This photograph has healing powers. One starts feeling better when it is applied to a hurting spot. Recently, I treated a severe wound on a dog with it. Could you please explain this phenomenon, in light of the Kabbalah?

A: Kabbalah exclusively deals with man’s aspiration for the Creator. Degrees, stages, and steps toward Him are felt as something totally new, as new worlds. There are 125 such degrees. They are divided into five parts, or “worlds.”

The essence of Kabbalah consists of climbing through all the intermediary states and worlds, and reaching complete unity with the Creator. Man starts to feel the Creator from the very first step toward Him. It is called “the sensation of the Upper World.”

Prior to that step, man feels himself, not the Creator. That feeling is called “this world.” The first step toward the Creator signifies that man reaches the Upper World.

Each step forward indicates having a more distinct feeling of the Creator. It is felt in a special sensory organ called the “soul.” We also call it the “sixth sense,” since man isn’t born with it, and it is not a natural bodily sense like the other five senses given to us in this world.

The soul is given to us personally by the Creator from above. Those who receive it rush forward to the Creator, and those who don’t (for lack of the sixth sense, the soul) cannot even understand what we do, and if they received a religious upbringing, they even oppose Kabbalah.

What you describe is not the subject of Kabbalah. The answer to your question can probably be found in psychology or paranormal sciences. At that level exist the miracles in this world! The spiritual world is full of miracles, but these are obvious only to a Kabbalist, consciously perceived and controlled by someone who acquires the knowledge of Kabbalah.

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