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Michael Laitman, PhD

“Serving the Creator” Means Becoming Like Him

Q: What does it mean “to serve the Creator?” How can one learn to do that? How can one merit it?

A: This is exactly what the Torah teaches us. It was given for this sole purpose, and it speaks of nothing else. But only Kabbalah presents this work clearly and openly, because it addresses those who have a “point in the heart” (a part of the Creator from Above, the embryo of the soul, through which man starts to feel the Creator) awaken.

The Torah instructs how to expand this point and fill it with the Creator, turning man into a vessel that contains the Creator. It can be made possible only by likening one’s properties to those of the Creator, matching one’s intentions with His. As He gives to me, so I give to Him. This is the meaning of “serving the Creator.”

The greater the resemblance, the more one feels the Creator. It is called “sensing the Higher World.” The world is a fragmentary feeling of the Creator and when man ultimately completes his correction, the world disappears and one is tangibly filled with the Creator.

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