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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Screen: a Spiritual Decision

Q: The screen enables the soul to make decisions in the spiritual world. Do people in our world have a similar instrument they can rely on?

A: People in our world do not know anything yet, because they are blind and groping in the dark. They should only do what it takes to get them into the Upper World, meaning, they should attain a screen. We cannot appreciate a situation ahead of time and make decisions because we have not received the screen, the force of the Creator. We receive the screen as a result of the effect of the Light on the desire.

Q: How can we attain a screen if we have no Light?

A: There is a hidden effect to the Light; its influence can be aroused only by reading genuine Kabbalah texts. The screen is acquired through study, absorbing the texts, and connecting with the Rabbi. Therefore, it is important to read genuine texts, because even without understanding them we advance forward in the right direction. The hidden Light does influence!

As for the time a person is in our world, it is said in the Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot that “Whatsoever thy hand attaineth to do by thy strength, that do (Ecclesiastes 9, 10).”

This is so because only after tremendous efforts can a person attain the effect of the hidden Upper Light. This will give one the power to be redelivered, enter the Upper World, and experience the reality of the sensation of the Creator. Then, the person will receive the very first screen, and behave in such as way as to please the Creator, as opposed to receiving for self alone.

Q: Why is the Creator called “Existence from Absence?”

A: In the beginning of creation, Malchut is called a point, a black point over the face of the white Light. After that, it spreads and covers the whole of the white Light and corrects itself in such a way that it shines like that Light, along with it. That Malchut is called “Existence from Absence,” because the “will to receive pleasure” did not exist prior to creation, and hence was not felt. When we begin to feel that our whole nature is actually a desire to delight in the Light of the Creator, we are then considered a creation.

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