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Michael Laitman, PhD

Crossing the barrier

Q: Please answer my question: Do people feel when they actually cross the barrier? If so, is this feeling lasting or temporary? I mean, can a person know certainty that he is already THERE?

A: We go through all processes both before and after crossing the barrier in full consciousness, but the crossing itself is impossible to predict in advance. Crossing the barrier is a one-way climb to the spiritual world, but never back to ours. We are aiming to achieve Lishma, the intention “to please the Creator,” complete unity with Him, like a fetus inside its mother’s womb. Hence once filled with such a sensation, we will realize that we are THERE.

Q: In “The Attainment of the Worlds Beyond” there is a line: The lowest spiritual level is the level at which the spiritual becomes more important than the material. Do I have it right – when a person values the spiritual more than the material he steps into the spiritual?

A: Yes, but it cannot be achieved coercively. It can only be achieved under the influence of the Higher Light, as must all changes we go through.

Q: Does a person who is in the spiritual need a rabbi, a group, and books?

A: The answer is yes, and more than before. However, at this point the student already understands how much they are needed!

Q: Is it right to say that ... one who is not in the spiritual evaluates everything through egoism?

A: Yes.

Q: Therefore, would you say that a person who is in the spiritual evaluates everything through altruism, since egoism has been corrected?

A: Yes, to the extent that it really has been corrected.

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