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Michael Laitman, PhD

Everyone Must Pass Correction

Q: I understand that one Kabbalist can do the work of seven billion people. But I don’t understand why everyone (including women, children, old and young, retarded, etc.) must feel the pull toward the Creator and go through the 125 degrees to accomplish the final correction.

A: The structure of the collective soul - the First Man - consists of parts that are called Galgalta and Eynaim (GE), and parts called Awzen, Hotem, Peh (AHP). GE are the vessels that a Kabbalist works with in our world. They are vessels sufficient for the unconscious preparation of everyone in the world to have a point in the heart. But after that, everyone must travel alone. By “everyone,” I mean every individual soul.

There are partial and incomplete life cycles, and there are those who walk in pairs with other cycles and thus correct one another, such as a retarded child and its agonizing mother. We cannot see the goal and the common correction of souls that are linked like that because they are very complicated and involve many cycles.

We are not supposed to occupy ourselves with these matters, as they only divert us from the main issue: if we are given a place, a life and an understanding of the goal, we must act!

When you attain the goal, you will understand everything, whereas now it will only confuse you, causing you to possibly miss your chance in this life.

Thus, our desires to understand what is happening do not match our level. They are sent to us from Above so that we will fight them, not follow them.

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