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Michael Laitman, PhD

One Hundred and Twenty Five Degrees

Q: To what extent can you separate between each of the 125 degrees? Let’s take, a Kabbalist who has reached the spiritual world and is in, for example, Bina of the world of Assiya. Is the Kabbalist aware of exactly where he is?

A: Since even the smallest part of reality is comprised of all the other parts, it is thus made of ten Sefirot. Therefore, in the very first attainment, there is already awareness of all existence, since the whole existence is no more than ten Sefirot, only 613 times higher, clearer and more detailed.

In other words, after reaching the first degree, one can already sense all the parts of reality, but in a way that’s appropriate to the first degree.

The three degrees of the soul’s development - conception, infancy and adulthood - exist in each of the 613 degrees. Of course, unless one has gone through all three states in the lower degree, one cannot attain them. But after the cycle of conception, infancy and adulthood, a person can already understand all the situations, even to the end of correction.

However, the end of correction itself is unattainable because it has no parallel in lower degrees. The end of correction is the last degree. It is called “the coming of the Messiah,” which comes after the Light that corrects the evil forces, the shells.

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