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Michael Laitman, PhD

Only the Screen Can Correct Us

Q: Why do you say it is impossible to improve one’s character? I think one can improve one’s character with the help of psychology, but it is a waste of time. If there is something negative in a person, it must be the best thing for their correction.

A: It is correct thatnothing we receive at birth can be corrected. The Creator initially designed it in a rigid, unchanging form. Hence the name. Domem, deriving from the word, Dmama (stillness).

The only thing that does change is the intention behind a spiritual desire, namely, our attitude toward the Creator. Only the intention “for His sake,” born in us as a result of our efforts, is new. The rest cannot be changed.

It is only revealed in us according to the need and ability to create a new intention, “for the sake of the Creator.” That is how we study it – there is the vessel, the Light, and the screen that is created by us.

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