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Michael Laitman, PhD

Good Deeds Come Only From Above

Q: What does doing good deeds in our inner work mean?

A: Good deeds are everything that leads towards the purpose of Creation and towards uniting with the Creator by matching our properties with His. Every act of correcting our souls and assisting other souls as parts of the collective soul is called a “good deed” because each one reveals that “Thou art good, and doest good.”

Q: How can you aspire to do good deeds when you know in advance that it’s impossible?

A: Try it and see. How else can you expect to know who you are?

The Light comes as a result of our efforts, and only if we aim for the good can we learn how bad we really are. So if we believe we are good, and testify to it, we reveal precisely what phase of spiritual development we have reached.

The most important thing to remember is to read as much as possible; this way you’ll feel your true nature much faster.

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