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Michael Laitman, PhD

A New Brain

Q: Since I’ve begun reading Kabbalah books, I feel as though my brain has been reprogrammed. It seems that all my moral values have been turned upside-down. I think more and more about simple questions whose answers I thought I already knew. Can you explain what is happening to me?

A: What you are experiencing is the beginning of an understanding of new values, a new appreciation of the world around you, a new and more mature approach to life. These changes take quite long time to happen, because it is impossible to make such drastic alterations instantaneously, and to bring a person from this world to the next. This is because the human brain, the nervous system and the physiological systems, the links and the relationships with the outer world, all lay heavily on us and present a counter-weight.

But you have already begun the changes in the soul, so keep asking your questions. That way you should begin to feel the first results of the study on your inner world.

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