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Michael Laitman, PhD

Adapting, Preferring, But Not Waiving

Q: Can you say that relinquishing the pleasures of this world shows that one has a desire to live in the spiritual world, or is that not enough?

A: The Upper World, meaning man’s sensation of the Creator, is a better state than the state of this world, so we must aspire to it as something perfect and not out of fear of punishment.

In this world, too, before we attain the Upper World as something sublime, we indulge ourselves with pleasures. In fact, this is necessary in order to spiritually develop and build the right kind of connection with the Creator. A person who nullifies the desire for pleasure cannot continue to develop.

For this reason, it makes no sense to reject this world. We must simply learn how to accept this world in order to enjoy it in a complete and eternal manner. Here is where we can utilize the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and for that purpose it is good to do the following:

  1. Feel the Upper World, meaning the Creator.

  2. Be convinced that the Upper World is far better than our own.

  3. Understand the method of adaptation to that state.

  4. Realize that situation and be perfect and eternal in every way.

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