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Michael Laitman, PhD

Unnecessary Fears

Q: Is there something I should not touch while I am working on myself?

A: I don’t understand the fears and worries of those who think that during the study of the Kabbalah we can “touch” something dangerous, something beyond our understanding, or even fall to dangerous places.

These fears are unfounded, and only a complete revelation of the universe can change our inner world. It forces us to change because we can no longer lie to ourselves, and a deliberate concealment on our part creates inner compromise, which stops the whole process of change and spiritual development.

When I first started to study with my rabbi, Rabbi Baruch Ashlag, I was amazed at how deeply a person should dig. Bring everything to the Light, be afraid of nothing (although it can be very unpleasant!), and then ask the Creator to allow you to see even deeper.

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