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Michael Laitman, PhD

Sticking With the Ascent

Q: During a spiritual ascent, when you’re supposed to think about a lower situation, does that mean that you have to artificially descend to that situation?

A: Only the evil force pushes us to suffer and “eat our own flesh.” Never, under any circumstances, should you look for lower situations because “one is where one’s thoughts are.” The lower the situation one is tied to, the more distant one is from the Creator.

Q: Is it true that when in low situations, it is good to remind myself of good situations?

A: No. It’s not good to remind yourself how good you felt during the ascent, because you’ve already fallen from that. If you now rise up again by remembering that ascent, it is not a correction or a new distinction. Quality-wise, your current degree will be no better than your former one.

Therefore, it is best to search for new reasons to rise, make new assessments about the greatness of the Creator, the purpose of creation, and the nothingness of your own situation, etc.

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