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Michael Laitman, PhD

He and I

Q: How can I go through all these difficult times?

A: If I feel something negative about myself, at first I am infuriated. I want to scream, to be free from the distress. Then I calm down and try to understand that the Creator sent this sensation to me for a reason. If I prepare myself ahead of time to realize that everything that happens to me comes from the Creator, that He is the One who sends me the problem, along with the sensation that it comes from Him, that situation is called “concealment of the face.”

And we awaken, because we are now faced with a problem. It is not only a blow, but a special message from Above. Here begins our spiritual work. We, who cannot see that there is a message from the Creator that comes along with the blow, are more like animals.

If we understand that the Creator is the Source of this blow in order to wake us up, we begin to relate to things from the perspective of “the point in the heart.”

We must always try to remember that there are only two realities in the world: “Him” and “me.” Even after you have accepted that everything that happened to you came deliberately from the Creator, there is still a great deal of spiritual work to be done.

The first thing to remember is that you must never simply settle for the understanding that the Creator sent you this message, and then calm down, and continue as though nothing happened. By doing so, you are seemingly erasing that message, and are waiving a chance for advancement that was given to you by the Creator.

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