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Michael Laitman, PhD

From Despair to Bliss

Q: I feel bad for not having a true desire, one that doesn’t let me sleep. Can we genuinely say at some point that we have done everything we possibly could to attain our goal? How can we reach it?

A: It is as Baal HaSulam writes: “There is no happier moment in one’s life than when one finds oneself completely desperate of one’s own strength. Meaning, that he has already toiled and done everything he could possibly think of and found no cure. For then one is worthy of a genuine prayer for the Lord’s help, because one knows for certain that one’s own efforts will be of no avail. But as long as one still feels that something might still be done, one might still be able to do, one’s prayer is not complete.”

Therefore, it is necessary to quickly make the full amount of effort, in quality and quantity, in order to attain complete awareness of the necessity of God’s help. But other than that, it is always vital to work on the need to attain the purpose; otherwise all that you will harvest is despair.

Here is a winning recipe: Read, translate and help spread the Kabbalah (the most helpful of all), pray and ask of the Creator, as much as possible, and what the mind will not do, time will.

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