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Michael Laitman, PhD

Changing Situations

Q: How do situations change? For example, when we feel powerless and realize that this is our true state and there is nothing we can do about it at the moment, how do we exit to another situation? Or should we accumulate a certain number of such situations until the Creator Himself delivers us, because we are passive and cannot demand strongly?

A: Our changes and ups and downs do not depend directly on the amount or quality of our labor, the power of our study, or the work of our group. We can never see that the increase in changing situations depends on our labor because we cannot see the difference between our current and future situations.

Sometimes, although we put in a great deal of effort, we suddenly feel the next situation as harder and harsher, or we suddenly experience rapid progress, while we have done almost nothing!

Only in the future, when we have passed these situations, will we understand their causes and effects. Therefore, we must go on regardless of the immediate results, because the explanation will be given only at the end, when its necessity will also be understood. However, we are built to always want rewards for our actions, the response that we think we should get. Over time, we gradually gain patience and experience, even when we do not get an immediate answer to every question. One simply toils on.

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