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Michael Laitman, PhD

Overcoming Indifference

Q: What should I do when I suddenly begin to treat circumstances that come to me from Above with indifference: I just don’t feel anything, not the pain, and not the pleasure that I would normally feel. What is that situation? Should something be done about it, or will it go away by itself?

A: All the feelings are given to you from Above. And they are necessary. You will see that for yourself, if not now, then later on. During such times, the most important thing is to look at yourself from the side and see how there is nothing you can do with yourself.

For that purpose you can get all sorts of situations from Above… you’ll see that without reward, without pleasure or a goal, you cannot even lift a finger. Your mood, your goals and your view on life can be changed instantly from Above. You must examine these situations.

Kabbalah is the study of the nature of creation, a study you perform on yourself, your flesh, your pain and your joys and aspirations—from the finest to the most gross.

It is not easy going through stages of indifference, but in order to accelerate them, the best way is to be in a group of people who are like you, who study Kabbalah as you do. Do something with them, anything at all, for example, give classes in Kabbalah or help with circulation. Any physical act that is aimed at the purpose helps a great deal in overcoming a state of indifference. Our job is to pick up our pace.

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