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Michael Laitman, PhD

Increasing the Importance

Q: How can you intensify the importance of the purpose of life and the greatness of the giver?

A: Baal HaSulam answers it this way: by studying, in a group, and under the guidance of a rabbi.

The studies must be made up solely of texts that were written for the exclusive purpose of bringing one to the Creator from the very first word.

Why do you need a group? All the souls are, in fact, one soul, divided into many parts by our physical sensations. Spirituality “pours,” so to speak, from soul to soul, and if there is a strong bond between the members of the group, their body does not pose an obstacle on their path toward the Creator.

On the contrary, it is through overcoming the disturbances of the body to the contact between souls, that the feeling of spirituality intensifies to the extent of being able to sense the Creator.

The rabbi must be a Kabbalist, a disciple of a renowned Kabbalist from whom he had received the exact method of the study, studied it himself and completed at least some of the way.

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