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Michael Laitman, PhD

“Faith Above Reason” in the Context of Group Work

Q: How does “faith above reason” work in the context of the group?

A: We must always keep the Creator in the background of the image of the world as we see it. We must always try to think of the Creator in our subconscious. Then our thoughts will be in the right direction: because we are with friends, who are also in a state of searching for the same goal.

That is why everything I get from someone in my group today is probably a disturbance that I must confront with faith above reason, and accept what he tells me, justify him. By justifying him, I rise to a higher spiritual degree.

To go with “faith above reason” means that I accept and agree with my heart and soul with everything that happens to me. When one of my friends criticizes me, I should accept everything that comes from it as good and true with “faith above reason,” because I cannot see the actual truth with my egoistic vessels.

When we manage to move a few steps forward when doing these seemingly simple exercises, meaning when we try to receive everything that comes to us as the desire of the Creator, we begin to feel how the Creator relates to us.

That is still not a revelation, but it is the beginning of our spiritual contact with the Creator. That is how we begin to connect with the Creator.

We understand that the Creator is now hidden, and sends His messages through the people around us. Thus, we begin to feel the involvement of the Creator in everything that happens in our lives.

This is a genuine feeling, and this contact becomes permanent, and the key factor in our lives. This is the way to the entrance to the spiritual world, the strengthening of the contact with the Creator and the rise to a higher degree.

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