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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Common Goal

Q: Why do we need to agree with our friends?

A: When we see that our friends are right, we don’t have to justify them. We simply have to accept their thoughts and agree with them. Thus, we acquire new knowledge. This is also the case when love makes us agreeable with another. In both cases, we do not go through any process of correction.

If it is not an external reason (a boss at work, pain, loss, love etc.) that makes us agree with another, but because we must work together for the same goal in order to attain it, we will make a thousand tests for the sake of unification to discover which of us is right.

But after that, regardless of the consequence, we will agree with our friends. That decision is called “faith above reason,” because we accept it against our better judgment.

Why would we do this? Because the goal necessitates it. The facts support our opinion, and we accept our friend’s opinion against our common sense and because of our common goal.

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