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Michael Laitman, PhD

Feeling the Creator

Q: What is our work?

A: When I enjoy myself, pleasure fills me entirely and I become a slave to it. I can no longer control myself or my actions. In such a situation, my attributes are not complete, because I am willing to do anything for pleasure.

If I feel unhappy about the world around me, I must see that it is the Creator Who is giving me this sensation, so that I can make up for my dissatisfaction with my egoistic desires in my spiritual aspiration for the Creator.

Instead, I have to relate to the current problem as though it is not a problem, but rather the best possible situation for me at this moment. I must take it as a given situation and agree with it.

When that happens, my dissatisfaction is replaced with faith that everything is sent by the Creator and that it is all for the best. When that happens with a member of the group who has offended you, look at things through his eyes, put his thought and desire into yourself, agree with him, because you want to be like him and like the Creator.

It doesn’t matter who it is or what spiritual degree he has reached, if you want to be free of your egoistic desires and feel the desires of the Creator, then you already want to free yourself from your egoistic vessels and feel the Creator.

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