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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Reason for the Revelation

Q: Rabbi Ashlag speaks in his articles about the importance of the feeling of the greatness of the Creator. We have a natural inclination to want to serve a greater person than ourselves, so it is obvious that the body will surrender to that demand. But greatness is where there is kindness, whereas the kindness of the Creator is concealed from us. Let us assume that the Creator is almighty and guides everything. But if the world is full of pain, how can we see His greatness? The king is great because of his graceful acts toward his subjects, not becausehe is in power. How then can we see the greatness of the Creator?

A: You’re right when you say that if the Creator would reveal Himself to us, we would surrender, as it happens in our world. The only difference is in our goal. The Creator will not be revealed for any other purpose but the correction of the world. We want the Creator to reveal Himself because we want to be certain of His existence, but that should only be for correction.

If one asks the Creator to disclose Himself for the purpose of correction, the Creator will appear before him as a performer of kindness. In response, one immediately will feel an unbounded love for Him.

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