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Michael Laitman, PhD

Pleasure – Life or Death

Q: You write: “Although it seems contradictory, the Light of life, the very source of our pleasure, can also bring death. The reason is that a pleasure that is ‘for me’ is felt only in part of the vessel, thus generating the opposite result – death. When the pleasure is ‘for the Creator,’ it is felt in the entire vessel.” My question is: how can a feeling that is felt only in part of the vessel bring death? Why can pleasure “for me” enter only a part of the vessel?

A: After the first restriction, the Light cannot enter the desire – the vessel - because the screen stands in the way. If the screen can withstand the desire to enjoy in the vessel, in other words, if it can build the intent “for the Creator,” then according to the measure of that intent, which constitutes the strength of the screen, the Light enters the vessel. This is the only possible way to fill up the vessel - the soul.

The purpose of creation is to fill up the vessel with Light through the screen. If the Light encounters a vessel that does not have a screen, it returns to its origin (because of the first restriction). When the Light touches a vessel that does not have a screen, that vessel immediately begins to want the Light for itself, regardless of the source. Then it is called a “shell,” “impurity,” and “death.”

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