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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Award in Peace and Perfection

Q: Why is the reward in peace and perfection?

A: It is said that peace and tranquility is the ultimate state. Why? Because the work for the sake of giving is regarded as a reward. If giving is desired, then the award is there.

Take sexual intercourse or eating as the crudest examples. These processes require a great deal of effort. But since nature thought of an immediate reward, life and procreation became possible. We do not think of the effort, since the reward, the pleasure itself is so great.

Or take a mother who enjoys feeding her child. Even if she is a queen, she will not turn down the pleasure of the act. She doesn’t feel it as an effort. And if a person changes vessels from being aimed at reception to being aimed at bestowal, one naturally feels pleasure from giving, and experiences peace and tranquility from such an act.

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