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Michael Laitman, PhD

Was the Exit from Egypt Premature?

Q: The books of Kabbalah maintain that the exit from Egypt was made prematurely, and that there are farfetched historical consequences to it. Did the premature liberation prevent a possibility to attain spiritual attributes in due time. If so, is it like a child who was supposed to be born, where preparations were made for labor, but then everything was ruined because the child was born prematurely and died at birth?

A: Theoretically, that situation exists during the creation of the worlds from up downward. Baal HaSulam describes it as a “dead infant” because the liberation (the process of birth) happened not in due time, but prematurely.

This means that, one is not quite ready to assume the spiritual attributes of giving and bestowal. Although given forces of bestowal from Above, the “infant” was still not in a state to accept them. The “dead infant” could not acquire spiritual attributes, although everything was ready for him. That is why there had to be three more exiles. But when the souls rise, there is only evolution toward a greater correction, from below upward, to the degree of the Creator.

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