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Michael Laitman, PhD

Desire for Pleasure – with a Screen

Q: Can you say that man is farthest from the Creator because his will to receive is greater than that of a stone, a tree, or a cat?

A: By nature, the greater the desire for pleasure, the farther man is from the Creator. The smaller the desire, the nearer man is to the Creator. But if a person corrects himself, he begins with the absolute nullification of his desire to enjoy and uses it only in accordance with the measure of the screen, which he acquired.

Therefore, in a corrected state, the greater the will to enjoy, the more a person can resemble the Creator; and the smaller the will to receive that is used (with a screen), the farther one is from the Creator. During the study of Kabbalah, when the will to receive grows, the measure of the screen grows with it, which is the aim to please the Creator, rather than yourself.

Thus, a great man, a Kabbalist, has a great desire to enjoy, but a corrected one.

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