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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: If a person badly wants love from the Creator, is that an egoistic desire?

A: Of course it is, but what’s wrong with that? Look at yourself reasonably, appreciate yourself according to the degree you’re actually in, don’t demand too much of yourself and don’t take on yourself impractical tasks, or those that are beyond your ability. If you can’t perform them, it’s a sign you still don’t know their true meaning.

In the first period of the development of the soul, below the barrier, man gets to know his egoistic attributes. He realizes that he is distanced from the Creator and develops a desire to be with Him, for his own pleasure, as it says: “…for I am love-sick” (Song of Songs 2, 5).

If that degree is completed, it leads to a passage through the barrier to the spiritual world. The passage through the barrier is the response to the immense egoistical desire to enjoy the Creator that evolved in man.

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