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Michael Laitman, PhD

Changing the Corporeal Desire

Q: I find it hard to see myself, after so many years, changing my corporeal nature to a spiritual one. How does it happen?

A: Man begins his journey toward the Creator out of personal interest – in a state called, Lo Lishma.” Then, through the effect of the Upper Light, he suddenly acquires a new intent: “for the Creator” (also called, “ Lishma”). The change in man’s intent is not possible any other way but through the effect of the Light. The effect of the Light can be awakened only through a systematic effort in the study of the Kabbalah in a group.

Ultimately, man indeed receives a possibility to fill himself up without limitation with the pleasure he yearns for, but he doesn’t have the ability to receive it, due to the limitation of his own nature. Only when he exits his self does he acquire the ability of infinitely receiving. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that teaches how to receive from the Creator.

The change in the attributes complies with the principle, “You have labored and found, believe.”

I made efforts and found means, I made efforts in the group, connecting with it truly with an aim for myself, but ultimately the Light came and corrected me. I regard it as finding, because I couldn’t have exited my nature previously, while I was still captivated by it.

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