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Michael Laitman, PhD

Character, Attributes and Habits

Q: Is it risky to allow yourself to be moved by a film or a book that does not contain even a shred of spirituality, and use them for relaxation? And what about my less positive habits? How will I deal with those?

A: There is nothing you can do with yourself. Your reactions and what you are today will also remain later. You will begin to change inwardly as you delve deeper into Kabbalah, but your character will remain the same.

The Book of Zohar says that your character has nothing to do with your natural desire to enjoy. Your character is expressed as your responses to stimuli. Once you change your goal, you will perceive a different reality. So step out of it and begin relating to things differently.

Today, you can only say to yourself that everything comes from the Creator. Later, you will sense it very clearly. Then you will not have to say anything to yourself, your new attributes will determine that.

You must think only of rising to the degree of the Creator. If you think about your own negative characteristics, by doing so, you are accusing the Creator, because the thoughts of an uncorrected person are also uncorrected, since “one is where one’s thoughts are.”

Therefore, it is best not to think of yourself, but of the Creator. This way you are already in Him.

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