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Michael Laitman, PhD

Envy and Lust

Q: What do I do with my jealousy, with my lust? Does the Kabbalah correct such attributes and the relationships between people?

A: During the study of Kabbalah, you are gradually influenced by the surrounding Light that changes you. It first happens in small portions, and later on it becomes a perpetual process. Over time you might appear to be more egotistical, because you react differently to external stimulus, relationships and pain, and people tend to interpret it as carelessness toward them. In fact, you have simply begun to understand the meaning of what is going on. You do not cry anymore like others do, and you do not panic. On the contrary, you want to give everyone more and more, but you do it in a special way, through the correction of the universe through yourself.

This love for mankind, the greatest there is, can seem like pure egotism. Even though you relate to people around you like a loving father who will not give his child a knife to play with, others will not understand you. In general, Kabbalah can be understood only by personal experience. Unfortunately only people with spiritual attainment can enjoy this type of experience.

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