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Michael Laitman, PhD

The “Good Will” and the “Evil Will”

Q: How can you tell what causes each ascent, and does it have any meaning in the spiritual work?

A: Two angels take one by the hand to the purpose of creation: on the right-hand side – the “good will,” the desire of the Creator to bestow; on the left-hand side – the “evil will,” one’s own will to receive. They both come from the Creator, Who is the source of everything, but the difference is in the way His bestowal descends upon us: either directly and openly, or indirectly and secretly.

Is the reason that important? Can one always understand it? Perhaps it is better to consider that from this minute on we will “charge ahead” and not be so absorbed in the past, in search of the reasons for the current situation. Such a search indicates that we live at the expense of our past attainments, in debt, and afraid of the task we have been assigned to do, afraid to stay alone with ourselves.

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