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Michael Laitman, PhD

Hidden from Others

Q: Everything that was in me before is now coming out in the open. Do others see this as well?

A: What lies hidden inside us, in the point in the heart, at the seed of the soul, is our uncorrected nature. It first appears in small portions and then gradually reveals itself to the senses to a greater extent. But we must correct our traits bit by bit. Therefore, those of us who study more diligently discover our nature more quickly and in greater portions. We recognize our nature as bad, and we are repelled by its presence.

Kabbalah is an applied, experimental science. Everything we now know about the spiritual world and the Creator we learned from Kabbalists, people who enter the spiritual world by self-correction, and feel it within themselves the way we feel our world. They tell us of their discoveries in their books, where we can read about the spiritual world.

Kabbalah, as we’ve said above, is an applied science. If we do not learn from our own experiences and do not work on correcting ourselves, we cannot understand what we read in books. Thus, because they speak of things that have no expression in this world, we will know nothing about Kabbalah.

For this reason, Kabbalah is called “The Wisdom of the Hidden” because we cannot see the hidden, only the revealed. Being scientists of Kabbalah does not mean reading many books, but rather attaining the upper degrees of revelation. The extent of the revelation of the Upper One reflects the degree of the Kabbalist.

Although the will to receive becomes revealed further and further until it reaches its true limitless measure, it is invisible to others. It is impossible to see various kinds of pressures in behavior, impatience toward empty, meaningless things, the rejection of ordinary pleasures, which appear childish, etc.

These changes are mainly displayed outwardly in one’s impatience, as Kabbalah does not tolerate empty philosophizing or discussions about theoretical and intangible concepts.

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