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Michael Laitman, PhD

Victory over the Egoism

Q: Through a continuous spiritual quest, I have comprised a new theory about Kabbalah. It is The Theory of Shapes. It has an immense spiritual impact; it is full of mystery and secrets and with it one can triumph over one’s egoism.

A: Man cannot defeat his egoism or his desire to enjoy for himself, because that desire is imprinted in him. The aim “for himself” permeates his every cell, starting from the still part of man, through the vegetative, animate and even the speaking, which is the intelligent part of man, the soul (or desire). Man simply cannot correct the intent from “for me” to “for the Creator” by himself.

Only when we understand our inability to correct our aim by ourselves and badly want to correct ourselves can we begin to ask the Creator for that miracle. When He sees that our only desire is to rid ourselves of the intent “for myself,” He reveals Himself to us.

When we see the eternal power of the supreme and almighty Creator, we become permeated with the desire and the strength to change our intent from “for me” to “for the Creator.”

This operation is called “The Light in it (the Kabbalah) Reforms.” The Light is the Force of correction, which comes down to man from the Creator. The desire to correct your own nature, to know yourself and understand your ”I,” can only be satisfied through Kabbalah.

With any other way, you will indeed try to change something within you, but it will not be the true desire to change your nature of self-indulgence, although you might think that that is exactly what you are seeking to change.

There is no other theory and no other practical method! But if you want to explain your theory to me, I am willing to read it and together we will interpret it. If one has put a lot of effort into ridding self of one’s nature, the theory, even if incorrect, is worthy of attention. Perhaps I can still show you the right way.

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