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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Laws of Nature

Q: What has the correction of the 613 desires to do with the unchanging laws of nature?

A: Everything that appears to be happening around us is but a reaction of our senses to the Upper Light of the Creator, or better put, to His Attributes. We cannot feel our surroundings in and of themselves, only our reactions to things outside of us. That external “something,” the Light, or the Creator, does not change. We ourselves change constantly, and so do our responses to the Outer Light. This makes us think that something is happening all around us.

In fact, we change only in order to satisfy our sensation of deficit. Yet, when we attain the Attributes of the Creator, they no longer form a hindrance on our way to the Light; instead, we become like the Creator—unchanging and at complete rest.

Of course, the physical and spiritual laws of nature do not change; they only develop and add to the collective, simple law, which is the Attribute of the Creator: benevolence. All other laws express physical, spiritual, biological and chemical aspirations that accompany the substance and the desire that yearns for self-gratification.

These laws, which do not change until the end of correction, will then be felt as something completely different, each by our own stature, just as today we interpret situations differently from one another.

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