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Michael Laitman, PhD

Our Body and Kabbalah

Q: What is the meaning of the assertion that there is nothing in common between Kabbalah and our bodies in this world?

A: Indeed, they have nothing in common. The human body is like the body of any other animal, whereas the soul is the desire to be filled with the Creator, meaning to delight “for Him.”

The desire replaces its intent from enjoying “for itself” to enjoying “for the Creator.” It changes from being a receiver to being a giver, although the act of receiving pleasure remains the same. In that case, the desires of the Creator and the creature are alike – both are giving.

Thus, by the fact that the soul is filled with the Creator, meaning it receives for Him, the soul is called “a part of God above.” Only that desire can be filled with Light, meaning the sensation of the Creator.

The Creator created only one thing: a desire to enjoy. That desire is divided in several parts:

  1. Desires of the world of Ein Sof (infinite world) – the greatest desires.

  2. Desires of the world of Adam Kadmon.

  3. Desires of the world of Atzilut.

  4. Desires of the world of Beria.

  5. Desires of the world of Yetzira.

  6. Desires of the world of Assiya.

  7. Desires of “this world” – the smallest of all desires, which operate with the intent “for myself.”

Our substance is a small desire for pleasure. The soul evolves in us gradually. We develop our lowest desires through desires for food, sex and family. Then come the desires for wealth, respect, control and power; then for knowledge. If we have developed these desires over thousands of lives in our world, we get from Above a desire for spirituality.

To the extent that we develop that will correctly, we receive from Above an admission into the Upper Spiritual World and acquire new desires to act “for the Creator.” By realizing these desires, we receive the Light – the sensation of the Creator.

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