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Michael Laitman, PhD

Souls of Leaders of the World

Q: Do evil leaders and dictators in our world have no spiritual souls, since they were destined to punish mankind?

A: All souls are a part of the soul of the First Man. The soul is a part of the Creator from Above because it is filled with the Light of the Creator, depending on the extent of its correction.

We cannot see what actually happens to the souls, and certainly not to the souls dressed in bodies of leaders of this world. All of these people, good or bad, are simply robots in the hands of the Creator to serve His purpose in this world.

It is said about them that their hearts’ destiny is fully in the hands of the Creator (“The hearts of ministers and kings are in the hands of God”). Therefore, everything that happens should be ascribed solely to the Creator.

Q: What connections have they with the “forces of darkness,” of impurity?

A: The systems of holiness and impurity exist only to serve the purpose of creation. You can only speak of systems of holiness and impurity in relation to those who are progressing in Kabbalah. Otherwise, one might think that, besides the Creator, there is another authority. Those two systems exist only to sustain one program – the design of creation.

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