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Michael Laitman, PhD

Souls of Jews and Inclination to Kabbalah

Q: Kabbalah belongs to all souls, yet Kabbalah is attributed specifically to Jews. Why?

A: Every Hebrew (Ivri, from the Hebrew word, Ever (passage), meaning one who wants to cross the barrier between our world and the spiritual world), or Jew ( Yehudi, from the word Yechudi – meaning one who wants to unite with the Creator), or Israeli (Israel, from the Hebrew words Yashar-El – meaning “straight to God,” meaning he who wants to go directly to the Creator), takes two lines from Above, and bit by bit builds a middle third line.

The left line consists of one’s uncorrected attributes; the right line consists of the attributes of the Creator that one by one are shown to us from Above. The middle line is the result of the correction of the left line using the right line.

The result of one’s work, one’s spiritual ego, is the Hebrew, the Jew and the Israeli, in everyone now on this earth. As a result of the law of Root and Branch, there is a great inclination to correction among people who are called Hebrews, Jews and Israelis. But it is only an inclination.

Those Jews (of this world) who do not implement this inclination are considered to have a greater will to receive for themselves than do gentiles. Therefore, we can only speak of inclinations, not about a person having two souls. The revelation within us must come with great effort.

Other nations also have a growing number of people with an inclination for spirituality. This is because we are approaching the end of the correction of the world, which will occur when Jews, meaning those who are called Jews in this world, will fully correct their nature. Then, all other nations of the world will follow them and correct the left line through the attributes of the Creator, as the prophets have proclaimed.

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