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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Soul Called “Adam”

Q: How is it possible that in our world there are 600,000 souls, yet at the same time we learn that there is nothing but the creature and the Creator?

A: The soul is the desire to delight in the Creator. In other words, it is the Light that comes from Him. A desire to receive is called a vessel. The purpose of the Creator is to satisfy that desire for pleasure with Himself, provided the soul itself wants it. When that happens, it will feel pleasure. The Creator solved that problem by distancing the soul from Him. When the soul moves away from the Creator, it begins to want to draw near Him of its own accord. That gradually creates in it the desire for Him.

The created soul is called “Adam.” It is, in fact, the one and only creation. There is nothing in the universe apart from the Creator and Adam, who is the creature. Adam was divided into 600,000 parts that were dressed in people in this world.

In the beginning of the spiritual path in this world, there is a change in a person’s desires: the desire to delight in pleasures of this world turns into a desire to delight in the Creator. It is the greatest egoistic desire of all.

Once beyond the barrier and inside the spiritual world, each part goes through a correction of the aim from “for me” to “for the Creator.” The extent of the correction is the extent of the fulfillment with the Light of the Creator until the soul is finally completely full. That sensation cannot be described in words; it is a sensation of eternity, wholeness, equivalence of form with the Creator. It is the purpose of creation.

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