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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Chronology of the Souls

Q: To which part of Adam HaRishon can we attribute the souls that descended before Abraham, GE or AHP?

A: Before Abraham, there were souls in which the combination of GE and AHP did not require correction, meaning they had very thin Aviut (coarseness, or the will to receive). Such souls descend into our world even today; they suffer in this world, and prepare themselves for the awakening of the point in the heart.

Abraham the Patriarch was the first to feel this point and begin to work on his correction. Consequently, Abraham was called the first Ivri, from the Hebrew word Ever (to go over), meaning he who wants to cross the barrier between our world and the spiritual one.

In addition to the soul of Adam, our bodies are kept alive by an animate soul precisely like that of any other animal. However, this soul is unchanging and need not be corrected.

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