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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Correction of the Soul of the First Man

Q: The collective soul – the First Man – is a complete, rigid and uniform framework. Still, the souls that comprise it are adaptable, connected and mixed with each other. How can you explain this?

A: The framework is indeed rigid, but the ties within are flexible, because the whole universe and the soul of the First Man (Adam HaRishon) are built from the name of the Creator Y-H-V-H ( Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey).

  1. The tip of the letter YodKeter.

  2. The letter Yod itself – Hochma.

  3. The letter HeBina.

  4. The letter VavZeir Anpin.

  5. The letter HeMalchut.

The First Man is a spiritual Partzuf that broke in 600,000 parts. When its screen broke, the aim “for the Creator,” which linked all the parts (desires) together under one goal, was gone. Without the screen, the parts want to receive for themselves instead of giving together to the Creator and thus moving upwards. Now they do not have the understanding, the desire or the will for it. The mutual desire is indeed gone, but the framework is not.

What was extinguished was the screen that ties everything into one action, like a group that works together and is then dismantled.

Q: Why do the parts of the First Man correct themselves separately instead of as one soul?

A: It is only possible to overcome one egoistic desire (Reshimo, or imprint) at a time, and not an inclusive desire of all the Reshimot together. What matters is that the breaking was done deliberately, so that the creature, the soul, would break to pieces. In this way, the soul will begin to feel those situations that cannot be felt otherwise, when they are not mixed with the attributes of the Creator.

Our work begins from the lowest point in the universe, at the end of the evolution of creation, upwards. Anything that happened before us serves as preparation for us. The breaking of the First Man into parts is necessary for the attainment of the soul. The correction of the breaking is necessary for the birth of the vessel and its fulfillment with Light.

Q: Which parts are corrected first, and which come later?

A: The souls are divided in two: a part that can bestow, called “Israel,” and a part that receives for itself, called “gentiles.” But since they must be created first, their uncorrected nature shows in their full and actual power. That is why Israel appears to be worse than the gentiles, although when the nature of the gentiles is revealed for the purpose of correction, it will be apparent just how much worse it is than Israel’s.

Everything that happens in the world relates to the correction of the souls and their parts. This constitutes the entire reality. We cannot accurately assess what is happening with each and every one of us because all souls are linked together.

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