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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Singularity of the Soul

Q: How does the fact that each soul is unique and receives the Light according to its own characteristics, agree with what you write. You say that Kabbalists feel all the worlds equally?

A: We all have the same five sensory organs. Because of that, our ability to feel and our understanding of the outside world are identical. What we feel through our five senses is essentially our desire to enjoy. That desire is found not within any specific sense of the five, but consists of five desires for pleasures:

  1. Animate pleasures from sex, family and food.

  2. Pleasure from wealth and social status.

  3. Pleasure from power (control) and fame.

  4. Pleasure from knowledge.

  5. Pleasure from the Creator.

Those five desires exist in all of us in different combinations and they combine to create a collective desire for pleasure in man. According to the proportion of desires within our collective desire, each of us experiences different feelings. This is where the uniqueness of people comes from.

The entire universe is comprised of ten Sefirot, each comprised of ten inner Sefirot, and so on, indefinitely. For that reason, each particle in the universe that we take will always be comprised of ten parts, or Sefirot. But the proportions between the parts are always unique to that component.

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