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Michael Laitman, PhD

Choosing the Way

Q: Are there any TRUE ways, besides Kabbalah? If so, then what are they and how many? I guess I’ve been hopping from one thing to another for too long. I am trying to find something to stick with, but until now, all my efforts have failed.

A: Only you can understand yourself and choose your way and your purpose in life. Everyone does this independently, choosing in accordance with how developed one’s soul is at the time of making a choice.

When I asked my teacher if being with him was the right place for me, he told me to test myself. He never coaxed me, as is done in all religious streams, never pulled me to him, since that could only do me harm. So you should work it out yourself. I can only wish you to do it actively, constantly comparing and verifying all possible ways of development with the feelings in your heart.

Above all, do not lie to yourself. Consult your heart and do what it tells you – that will be the right choice. Go this way until you change, develop, and grow out of your uncertainty. It is a permanent process till the very end of correction. Good luck to you!

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