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Michael Laitman, PhD

Where Do We Come From and Where are We Going?

Q: What happened with the First Man later on? Did he live for 930 years and then die? If this is what will happen to us, then why hurry? We will always have time to disappear…

A: We do not disappear and we are not going anywhere. Everything is here, in this place, but in different dimensions, and therefore unfelt. There is no such thing as being born from nothing. In the beginning, the Creator created the worlds. Only after was man created. Everything was preordained that man would sin and lose his spiritual degree, falling to the level of our world.

All our souls are parts of one collective soul named Adam. Each of us must correct our part of Adam. We must correct it alone, of our own choice, on a route that is called “the path of Torah.” Otherwise, we will be forced to mend ourselves on a “path of torment.”

No one will be allowed to merely exist because the goal is clear, even though the road may take longer or shorter, and be more or less pleasant. By our terms, the goal can be expressed in centuries of torment and slaughter, instead of pleasure. It is worthwhile to hurry up and attain the sensation of the right path. That path is the best for both you and the Creator. It is the way of justice, which brings with it pleasure and completeness.

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